Infinity is getting new paints, scenery and game mats

12 April 2019
SiluetasFiguras1-89756.jpg Infinity is getting new paints, scenery and game mats
When tyrants seem to shake hands

Behind closed doors the wheels and gears of the wargaming industry churn, as the plans of corporate titans are set into motion. Now, the fruits of these secret machinations have come to light; Corvus Belli – creator of the 28mm sci-fi skirmish game Infinity – has announced not one, not two but three new collaborations in the wake of Salute.

Surely this development is but one move in a grand, sinister chess game, the depths of which can scarcely be imagined. Who can guess what terrible purpose lies behind these things, what apocalyptic revelations they’re leading towards? Not us mere mortals, that’s for sure!

In the meantime, let’s look at the immediate ramifications. First up, Corvus Belli and Spain-based paints manufacturer Vallejo have teamed up to produce a new range of color sets designed specifically for the various factions from Infinity. There’ll be in eight in total and will include an exclusive miniature in each pack. The first sets will be for the Panoceania and Nomads factions, and will be available in June.

Next, new turf wars can now be waged courtesy of Deep-Cut Studio, who make a foldable gaming terrain mats. The ‘Yu-Jing’ mat is going heavy on the Cyberpunk feel on the game, with an urban landscape that looks not unlike an overgrown circuit board. The whole feeling is very reminiscent of the something out of a 90’s sci-fi anime show or Blade Runner.



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The last announcement is another scenery one. TT (Troll Trader) Combat is putting out a whopping amount of MDF and green plastic terrain for the game. We managed to catch a glimpse of it at last week’s Salute, but you can also find the press release image below as well.





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