Infinity is dropping its Merovingia army ‘indefinitely’ to keep the sci-fi miniatures game’s story moving forward

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08 June 2018
280127-0165-equipe-mirage-5_5-06472.jpg Infinity
Will be seen off with mission pack, with tournament support maintained

Miniatures game Infinity will retire one of its older factions later this year to allow the sci-fi universe’s story to progress.

Merovingia is one of the game’s sectorial armies, which typically include a smaller range of figures but support extra gameplay options such as fireteams, linked groups of units that can gain movement and attack bonuses by operating as a squad.

Studio Corvus Belli confirmed that it would halt production of Merovingia figures ‘indefinitely’ this August, but would see off the faction with an exclusive mission pack that recreates one of the army’s decisive final battles in the universe – you can download the De Hell Merovingian mission set here. A new profile and fireteam will also be released.

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Existing Merovingia miniatures will stay compatible with the game, with official profiles remaining in the Infinity Army companion app and support for tournament play maintained.

What will change is the faction’s presence in the game’s lore, with Corvus Belli saying it will work to introduce new armies that are more closely tied into the universe’s ongoing story, allowing the wider narrative to advance. It’s suggested that Merovingia won’t be the only army to be phased out in favour of these new story-focused factions.

Corvus Belli has also left the door open for the withdrawn armies to return when it makes sense in the storyline, saying: “The decision to remove these product from the store does not mean that these products will not be launched again in the future.”


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