Incredible custom D&D gaming table has built-in PC, lights and beer taps

19 September 2017
jcBTQdS-80031.jpg The custom D&D table
Raspberry Pi-powered machine runs Roll20 to take RPGs into the digital world

Dungeons & Dragons companion app D&D Beyond is bringing the legendary RPG into the digital age, but some players are going one step further with an amazing custom tabletop for all their roleplaying needs.

Reddit user MrHobbes82 posted the pictures of his group’s gaming table in the r/DnD subreddit, revealing an impressive setup with separate areas for up to five players, each lit with LED lighting and room to store rulebooks, character and spell sheets, dice, and more.

“One of our players is quite handy with carpentry and technology and updated our table,” he explained.

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In the centre of the pentagonal wooden table is a large monitor, powered by a mini Raspberry Pi PC that is used to run popular virtual tabletop software Roll20. The main tabletop can also be removed and swapped for a standard gaming surface.

If that wasn’t enough, each player’s section has a dedicated beer tap, which were originally connected to two five-gallon kegs stored in a fridge underneath the table before the screen was installed.

“We removed it because it was a pain in the ass to change the thing, the ventilation where it was wasn't great so it would overheat, the fridge was too tall for the monitor we wanted to put in and the shortness of tubes and the design of the tap system made for a foamy beer, primarily for one member of the group,” MrHobbes82 wrote.

While the user who posted the images to Reddit didn’t build the table himself and warned against it – “The guy who built it said it was a pain in the ass to build. He said he would only build another one for like 15K.” – he linked to the rough guide that the builder had used in a separate post if you're up for the task yourself.


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