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13 May 2022
We have another great issue covering all periods and styles of tabletop wargaming.

On the cover we ask the question: Can you beat the Norman invaders back into the sea? In 1066 and After That, as the flames of rebellion take hold the Saxon insurgency and fight-back begins! So you can use special add-ons for either Lion Rampant or Hail Caesar and find out if you can stop them!

We have Command Decision. In this scenario we cover the action in and around Boulogne in 1940 for a WWII scenario that is idea for use with either Bolt Action or Rapid Fire.

In Send Three and Fourpence Mr Kinch plays you some Zungemi Mountain Blues:  why don’t you try a Zulu War scenario for The Men who would be Kings.

In Raising Armies Arthur Harman gives advice on figures to convert – complete with painting guides - for the Portuguese War of the Two Brothers using Perry Miniatures.

In Pebble Park we present an attack on an airbase... or space base! Either way, it’s a scenario for Albedo Combat Patrol that just requires you to blow stuff up! 

In Live Free Or Die we have part two of this series on The War of 1812. with the Battle of Crysler’s Farm. This includes special downloadable cards.

In Scratch Build Tony Harwood builds a church for your gaming table.

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Finally – we have the review sections with crop of Defence in Depth for Figures and rules plus we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insightful book reviews. 

Last Word Features Christopher Eggett, Editor of Tabletop Gaming.

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The front cover of Miniature Wargames Magazine

This scenario was one of many that appears in Miniature Wargames Magazine, our monthly publication for all kinds of wargames! You can check out our latest issue, or previous issues by clicking here

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One Day, One Whole Army... 

A feature from Miniature Wargames Magazine, entitled How to Paint an Entire Army in a Single Day

If you have a stack of miniatures in need of painting, preventing you from bringing anything new to the table, check out this article, where we hear from a contributor who managed to paint an entire army in a single day!

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