If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood, whatcha gonna play? Ghostbusters: The Card Game!

30 August 2018
ghostbusters-tcg-77616.png Ghostbusters: The Card Game
Are sleeves slime-proof?

After a couple of attempts at bustin’ onto the tabletop in two board games, Ghostbusters is crossing the streams into the dimension of card games.

Like Ghostbusters: The Board Game and Ghostbusters: The Board Game II, Ghostbusters: The Card Game is based on the original ‘80s movies rather than the recent reboot – meaning you can expect the cartoon faces of Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddemore rather than their all-female replacements.

The card game will be coming out of a different studio to the board games, though, with Clank! and The Fox in the Forest publisher Renegade taking the reins.

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Behind the gameplay are designers Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris, reuniting after their work on Roar: King of the Pride, and joined by Ex Libris illustrators Jacqui Davis and Todd Bright.

You’ll be working against up to four of your fellow ‘busters this time around, too, as each player tries to trap the most valuable ghosts during a pacey 20 to 30 minute play time. Expect elements of set-collecting and card-drafting as you nab gear and recruit your crack ghost-hunting squad.

Ghostbusters: The Card Game will hit shelves this autumn – we’d guess in time for Halloween – and will cost around the $20 (£15) mark.


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