IELLO Announce Flyin’ Goblins for 2020

16 December 2019
Goblin lobbin’ fun

IELLO have just revealed their next game: Flyin’ Goblin. Due for release in 2020.

Like the recent trend of integrated boxes and board, Flyin' Goblin uses a castle made out of the bottom of the box. The game see you helping your goblins fly gracefully through the air through the use of a kind of see-saw catapult. 

Aim carefully, as not every room in the castle will see your jolly goblins landing in valuable gold or gems, sometimes they might end up with something toothier (we assume).

Manage your army and your gold to keep up the supply of aeronautically minded goblins flowing, and the riches coming back with them. ELLO have also teased that different goblins with provide different powers, meaning the game can develop asymmetrically between players. 

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Proving your might against the other goblin clans comes in the form of a totem atop the castle, assuming that it doesn’t get immediately knocked  off by another competitor. The king will be usurped, the castle will fall, but will you be in charge of it when the dust settles?

In many ways then, this is the logical end to worker placement. Why place your meeples when you could send them through the air in an arcing and beautiful spiral of green greed instead?

(Okay, maybe we're not going to convince you with that last bit!)

A little flavour from IELLO:

It’s raining goblins!

From atop the besieged fortress, the King scanned the horizon. He sighed, with a troubled air about him.

“Today will be a hard day”, he said, thinking out loud.

The chamberlain’s eyes widened with fear.

“Why do you say that, Sire?”

“Because the goblins are flying low, my friend.”

Just as he said this, a goblin flew screaming across the sky and splattered pathetically against the wall of the castle, emitting one last sinister gurgle.

“We must get inside, Sire! It’s dangerous out here!”, cried the Chamberlain.

“Not on your life, my good man! How could we miss such a show?”



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