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24 August 2020
From tabletop to your desktop

We're analogue gamers by default. We enjoy gathering with friends in a group to huddle over a board game and argue in jest over the rules. There's no real replacement for that, but it goes without saying we've had to adapt a little due to the restrictions of COVID-19, as lockdown hasn't been friendly to those of us who enjoy those groups or gatherings. Some of that has been virtual - replacing discussions with video calls, which lends well enough to RPGs or selected roll and writes, or even the odd party game. Otherwise, some of us have had to head to the digital tabletop, such as Board Game Arena, or Tabletopia, amongst many others.


Lastly, there were those that are built for digital, creating a digital game out of our favourite board games something which Asmodee has completed, and alongside Humble Bundle, there's now an opportunity to pick up some of their incredibly popular published games online as a digital game, at a lower cost. 


For example, you could pick up Mysterium for £1.99, which is 60% off of its RRP, or Patchwork for £1.45. There's Small World at £2.79, with three separate expansions available in the sale. If you're feeling on topic (or just love the game, which is equally reasonable!) Pandemic is £60 at £2.87. There's Scythe (£7.74), Ascension (2.39) Splendor (£2.79), Terraforming Mars (£8.49), Ticket to Ride (£2.79), each of which with its own expansions - and that's before we even mention Blood Rage (£13.16), Carcassone (2.87) and early access to Gloomhaven (£14.61)... and more


These games have specific system requirements that are worth checking before downloading, but all play through Steam and Windows, and a number work on Mac and Linux operating systems. 

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You can check out if your favourite (or future favourite) is available over on the Humble Bundle Store.





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