Hit roll-and-write Welcome To… heads to New Las Vegas in standalone sequel

20 August 2019
welcome-to-new-las-vegas-58468.jpg Welcome to New Las Vegas
Still not a roll-and-write

Last year’s Welcome to Your Perfect Home – shortened by most people to Welcome To… – was at the forefront of the 2018 roll-and-write resurgence, joining the likes of Ganz Schön Clever as one of the must-play games in the suddenly trendy genre.

That was all despite Welcome To… not actually being a roll-and-write, as it dropped the dice in favour of three decks of cards that players flipped before filling in houses, parks and swimming pools along their suburban street, trying to prove their skill as the best architect around the table. 

Whether it was technically a roll-and-write or more of a flip-and-write, Welcome To… was a deserved hit. Our own James Wallis said in our review: “Even if the game looks and feels like something out of the 1950s, its gameplay is right up-to-date. […] Roll-and-write games have come of age this year, and this is a great introduction to the genre.”

And like every good hit, Welcome To… is getting a sequel. Next year’s Welcome to New Las Vegas leaves the shady setting of 1950s America homes behind to go on a roadtrip to the bright lights and crowded casinos of Las Vegas.

The central flip-and-write gameplay is still here, with players turning over three cards to create sets of casino numbers and actions that everyone can use as they build up their resort, filling in numbers on the casinos along their strip.

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Again, there’s a bit of player competition in trying to be the first person to complete public objectives, but the main filling of boxes can still be done at the same time by everyone.

Two different sheets show the map of casinos and the scoring objectives. Players can rack up points by constructing casinos and hotels, creating golf courses, shifting limos of the rich and famous around the map, and providing entertainment for the visitors to their own Sin City.

Welcome to New Las Vegas is due for release in 2020.


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