Here’s your first look at the miniatures of Starcide

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08 February 2019
50779172_2362481440453183_2590356842789994496_o-89152.jpg Starcide miniatures
These miniatures suck… your blood!

Prodos Games has previewed several miniatures from its new science-fiction wargame Starcide.

Those who are aware of Prodos will primarily know it as the maker of the Alien Vs Predator miniatures games and, up until recently, Warzone Resurrection, a reimagining of the classic Mutant Chronicles miniatures game. Prodos lost the licence to Warzone after Cabinet Entertainment - the holders of the IP – revoked it following a dispute between the two companies over a planned Kickstarter. As a result, Prodos has taken it upon itself to produce its own original sci-fi game.

Enter Starcide, a 32mm science-fantasy game currently in the middle of development. Set in a dystopian future, mankind is united under four noble houses that comprise the ‘Empire of Man’ – not to be confused, of course, with the Imperium of Man from another dystopian science-fantasy setting that shall remain nameless. Arrayed against humanity is a selection of various gribbly alien races; your standard little grey men, reptilian Aztec-themed xenos (aka Lizardmen in Spaaaace!), and last, but by no means least, space vampires.

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As well as releasing several pieces of artwork and a number of 3D renders for some of the miniatures on Facebook, Prodos has also successfully produced its first plastic injection sprue; the elite vampires squad of the Black Sun faction. As can be seen from the photos, the detailing on the miniatures is certainly very good, at least comparable (if not better), than some of Games Workshop’s releases. 

The rules are currently still in Alpha, though Prodos has stated several design goals on social media. At present, the game is being designed for play on a 36-by-36 inch table, with games capped at 120 minutes. Though exact figures have yet to be specified, average army sizes are expected to be relatively small, with each faction possibly using a card-based system to supplement actions on the tabletop.

A release date for Starcide has yet to be announced


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