Here’s what you could win at Fantasy Flight’s first European Championships at this year’s UK Games Expo

06 April 2017
img_0569-26449.jpg The tournament will be held at UK Games Expo in June
Prizes range from commemorative coins and deckboxes to World Championship places and travel

This year’s UK Games Expo will play host to the first instalment of Fantasy Flight’s new major European Championships tournament – and the publisher has now revealed some of the goodies on offer for those who prove their skills are top-notch.

Just for taking part in one of the championships, which will cover games including X-Wing, Star Wars: Armada, Android: Netrunner and the Game of Thrones LCG, you’ll earn a 1.5-inch metal commemorative coin, plus some other participation prizes that are being kept secret for now.

Make it into the top 32 rankings and you’ll add a fancy deckbox to your collection, stamped with the European Championships logo to prove your prowess.

Climb into the top four for any of the games and you’ll earn a free place at the World Championships for your chosen title. If you somehow manage this twice for the same game, the free seat will pass down to the next person in the rankings, so even placing fifth or sixth might be enough to get in.

Finalists will then also receive a bye for the Worlds, allowing them to automatically jump through the first round of the competition – an advantage normally reserved for national champions. And, hey, you’ll also get a plaque to stick on your wall that you can point to during dinner parties in years to come and boast about how awesome you are.

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Come out on top as the ultimate European champion for your game and your travel and accommodation for the Worlds, which are held at Fantasy Flight’s Games Centre in Minnesota in the US, will be paid for.

You’ll also get the chance to work with Fantasy Flight to create the concept for either alternate card art (for miniatures games) or a brand new card (for card games) for the title you’ve mastered – and, of course, you’ll also get to hoist a trophy into the air.

The European Championships will be held during UK Games Expo between June 2nd and 4th. Tickets and details can be found over on the UKGE site.

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