Here are the next three Unlock! adventures you’ll be escaping from

29 June 2017
Screen-Shot-2017-06-29-at-09.59.46-16251.png Unlock!'s The House on the Hill, The Nautilus’ Traps and The Tonipal’s Treasure
A haunted house, submerged submarine and pirate island join app-powered escape-the-room series

We enjoyed app-powered escape-the-room trilogy Unlock!: Escape Adventures quite a bit when we played it earlier this year, so it’s (tense and dramatic) music to our ears to hear that the series is getting three brand new scenarios later in 2017.

The three new adventures are called The House on the Hill, The Nautilus’ Traps and The Tonipal’s Treasure. You can probably guess what they’re about from the titles alone, but we’ll explain nevertheless.

The House on the Hill is a spooky hunt through a haunted mansion to try and find the Book of the Dead and halt a curse.

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In the vein of Jules Verne, The Nautilus’ Traps heads under the sea as the players’ submarine is attacked by a massive sea monster, forcing them to escape and make it to the surface somehow.

Finally, The Tonipal’s Treasure is a swashbuckling pirate adventure as players race a rival treasure hunter to uncover Captain Smith’s hidden treasure – once they escape from the prison the governor has thrown them in, that is.

It sounds like there will be little change to the hybrid gameplay using a mixture of card decks and the mobile app – though hopefully the app’s clue-giving will be improved in the meantime.

The scenarios have been announced as three separate games for the moment, as they were published in separate boxes over in the US. Hopefully, that means us here in the UK will get another box set including all three – we’ll find out towards the end of this year when the next Unlock! adventures are released.


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