Hasbro brings Star Wars to Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit

12 October 2016
1500x1500_b25b399149874bb9ce80ae226b22960ec61dea92c4e3aa5cc3290dc2-11120.jpg Star Wars Cluedo (or 'Clue') swaps the murder mystery for a race to discover the Death Star's plans
Murder mystery set during original trilogy while quiz game covers entire saga

As the licensing train continues to roll on its unstoppable tracks, two more classic Hasbro board games have been given the Star Wars treatment.

Star Wars Cluedo replaces the murder mystery aspect of the original with a race around the Death Star during the original trilogy in order to discover which planet Darth Vader is planning to destroy and escape with the plans for the space station using the correct vehicle. The cover artwork is based on the ’70s and ‘80s films, featuring Luke, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia. (Yes, we know the picture is of the American 'Clue' version - that's all we have, for now.)

Meanwhile, the Star Wars version of Trivial Pursuit is part of the premium Black Series and stars The Force Awaken’s Rey front-and-centre, surrounded by heroes and villains from all seven films in the saga. As it’s quiz game, here’s a question for you: which much-maligned Episode I character isn’t on the box?

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Binks-berating aside, the trivia game will come with almost 2,000 questions across six categories themed around the sci-fi series’ various iconic scenes and characters. Players will take on the roles of the Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire and First Order with miniatures to match, but the wedges still look like cheese.

Release dates and prices are yet to be announced, but you can probably hazard a good guess that both games will be out ahead of the release of the next Star Wars film, Rogue One, in December.


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