Guild Ball two-player starter box kicks off in November

07 October 2016
29397-large-57004.jpg 12 plastic minis are included
£50 pack includes 12 plastic minis, board and everything else needed to play
Guild Ball two-player starter box kicks off in November Images

If you’re yet to get stuck into ‘footbrawl’ miniatures title Guild Ball, Steamforged has announced a new starter pack that might be just for you.

The Kick Off! box includes pretty much everything needed to set up a match of the soccer-meets-wargames title, including 12 plastic figures split between the Brewer’s Guild and Mason’s Guild sides, two balls, a double-sided three-by-three-foot pitch, various tokens, dials, templates and whatnot, a ruler, 12 dice and three rules books.

It’s worth noting that while the minis in the set are plastic – meaning they should be easier to put together and paint for newcomers – metal variants are available separately for those looking for a better level of finish and overall durability.

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It’s quite a healthy collection and, best of all, it will be going for the very reasonable price of £50 in the UK when it’s released on November 25th.


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