Guild Ball shifts cards to companion app ahead of Season 4 launch

03 September 2018
guild-ball-manager-39893.png Guild Ball Manager
Navigator’s Guild release delayed almost two months

Guild Ball is embracing digital with the launch of a new mobile companion app that will replace the sports miniatures game’s physical cards.

The Guild Ball Manager app is free to download on iOS and Android, and will serve as the main way for players to check the latest stats and point costs for their team of characters when building tournament-legal sides for the fantasy football title.

The app will include the cards for the game’s upcoming fourth season, set to launch on October 13th, but publisher Steamforged has confirmed that it will make all of Guild Ball’s cards available as a free download for the foreseeable future.

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Guild Ball Manager includes various other utilities for players, such as a dedicated chess clock designed to measure the game’s one-minute timeouts and a fast reference of dice roll odds. There’s also an online directory of players around the world, with the ability for fans to contact potential opponents directly to organise matches.

Guild Ball is just the latest major miniatures game to offload its shifting meta to an app, following the decision by Fantasy Flight to handle points and upgrades in the second edition of the X-Wing Miniatures Game via a squad-building app, with no costs printed on the game’s physical cards.

As well as announcing its digital plans for Guild Ball, Steamforged also revealed that the release of the game’s Navigator’s Guild has been delayed by almost two months to “ensure supply is readily available to meet the customers’ demands”.

The guild had been due for launch on September 21st, but will now take to the pitch on November 16th.


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