Guild Ball is getting rid of metal miniatures, re-releasing classic teams as ‘Legacy Collection’

04 May 2018
guild-ball-resin-46591.jpg Guild Ball
Transition to plastic will take place over the next two years

Steamforged has announced that it is retiring metal models from its sports miniatures game Guild Ball.

The transition coincides with the British publisher’s metal moulds used to cast characters coming to the end of their usable lifespan, sparking the decision to replace them with plastic counterparts.

The switchover will take place over the next two years, giving plenty of time for Guild Ball players to pick up any metal models that remain available in shops and online before they vanish.

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Steamforged added that it would re-release classic teams and characters as a new ‘Legacy Collection’. As each metal major guild is retired, their minor guild will be released alongside a relevant Legacy Collection set. Legacy Collection models will be produced with alternate sculpts and coloured resin that matches their PVC counterparts.

The swap to plastic won’t affect the classic teams’ compatibility with the game, although the Legacy Collection releases won’t include the card punchboards included with the current line of plastic sets. They will include an exclusive goal, terrain, ball and player cards.

Steamforged confirmed that the move to resin doesn’t mean it’s leaving its pre-assembled plastic teams behind, either.

The first minor guild and Legacy Collection releases will be for the Morticians, with Master of Puppets and Strings of the Spirit Weaver in resin. They’ll be followed by the Hunters and Falconers guilds, then the remaining metal teams over the next 24 months.


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