Great Western Trail steams along Rails to the North in its first expansion later this year

19 January 2018
pic3113247-1-73096.jpg Great Western Trail
Cattle class

Alexander Pfister’s Great Western Trail will make fresh tracks later this year with the first expansion for the cow-herding Euro.

As per our review, Great Western Trail is a masterful combination of Euro ponts-collecting and deckbuilding, as players journey their way up an evolving board, hoping to have the finest hand of cattle cards by the time they reach Kansas City and send them off on a train for good ol’ victory points. Along the trail are location tiles randomised each game, which keep things constantly fresh and engaging.

It sounds like the game’s first expansion may explore pastures beyond Texas to Kansas, with Rails in the North hinting at a deeper involvement with the rail system, which currently allows players to claim stations and advance their train around the track to collect more points each time they complete the path.

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The expansion is due out in the middle of 2018, according to a brief tweet from BoardGameGeek, although there’s currently no details on exactly what will be in the box.

Great Western Trail publisher Pegasus Spiele will reportedly confirm what’s in store at the end of this month.


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