Gorilla-battling game Banana Bandits swinging over to the West

17 November 2016
Banana_Tower-03449.jpg Banana Bandit's 3D tower
Primate-themed game includes 3D Banana Bank tower

Cool Mini or Not has signed the rights to publish gorilla-battling game Banana Bandits in the English language.

The publisher has teamed up with Korea firm Mandoo Games to bring the title to the West in the second quarter of next year.

Players compete to be the successor of the Banana Bandits gang of primates by aiming to collect three golden banana coins faster than their rivals.

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In the middle of the table is the impressive 3D Banana Bank tower, which players move their monkeys up, down and around in pursuit of gorilla coins, which can then be converted to golden banana coins.

Combat with rival apes is resolved using dice rolls, while ability cards can be acquired by pausing on the ground floor.

The lightweight game plays in around half an hour with two to four players and is a family-friendly offering for ages eight and up.


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