Gorgeous flower-growing game Lotus has blossomed on mobile

21 December 2017
DDlTSvUXYAASysZ-37072.jpg Lotus
Sprouts on iOS and Android

Last year's Lotus was a card game about growing flowers that looked beautiful as cardboard, so it’s little surprise that its newly-released digital app is a visual delight.

The iOS and Android version follows the gameplay of the tabletop title, as players take turns to add petals to their plants and gain wisdom from each full bloom.

There’s a mystical side to the serene competition, too – guardians and special abilities help players speed the growth of their florae, helping them become wiser than their horticultural opponents and attain enlightenment.

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The digital port costs a fiver and is out on both phones and tablets. Some of the features include ‘skilled’ solo play against AI, as well as online and local multiplayer against friends and leaderboard rankings.

The app has ties to the app for Lanterns: The Harvest Festival from the same studio, with leaderboards and friends lists carrying across between the games.


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