Good Mythical Morning YouTubers Rhett & Link team up with Hasbro to make board games

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15 June 2018
rhett-and-link-01469.png Rhett & Link on Good Mythical Morning
Will they be popular? Rhettorical question.

YouTube stars Rhett & Link are turning their comedic chops to the tabletop.

The pair behind the hugely popular daily video series Good Mythical Morning are joining forces with Hasbro as part of a multi-year promotional deal that will see them bring more board games to their talk show, which currently has more than 13 million subscribers on YouTube.

The show sees Rhett and Link engage in a variety of entertaining sketches and antics, including spinning the ‘Wheel of Mythicality’, attempting to guess or eat strange foods (such as tacos made of baby shampoo), and chatting with famous guests, including Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. As part of the new deal with Hasbro, the duo will launch new games from the publisher on Good Mythical Morning with one-off segments.

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They’ll also be making their own games, with the announcement of the partnership adding that Rhett & Link will “co-develop and promote unique games” with the help of Hasbro. No further details about what these games could be or when they might appear were given.

Rhett & Link aren’t the first popular YouTubers to cross onto the tabletop, however: British YouTube megastars – and BBC Radio 1 presenters – Dan and Phil released their party game Truth Bombs last year.


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