Godtear, Critical Role and an exclusive free King of Tokyo promo card: Tabletop Gaming April is out in one week!

22 March 2018
29216701_703462896490756_5920579333402918912_o-23625.jpg Tabletop Gaming April
Including reviews of Star Wars: Legion and Rising Sun, a look at board game collectors and preview of co-op comic-book adventure Hellboy

The latest issue of Tabletop Gaming is out in just seven days – you won’t want to miss it!

On the front of the physical mag this month is an exclusive promo card for Richard Garfield’s dice-rolling smash hit King of Tokyo, free for every reader and available nowhere else in the world! Grab the power card and shuffle it into your deck while playing to gain the ability to Zombify your monster and fight your way to victory.

Tabletop Gaming April is also the best place to find out about our cover star Godtear, the seriously ambitious legacy miniatures game from the creators of Guild Ball and Dark Souls: The Board Game. In our exclusive interview, lead developer Alex Hall tells us what he has planned for the massive project and why it promises to be the studio’s best game yet.

Speaking of massive, roleplaying phenomenon Critical Role recently returning for a second season, with millions tuning in online to follow the hilarious and dramatic exploits of its all-star cast of characters as they run a Dungeons & Dragons campaign like no other. Matthew Mercer and Liam O’Brien tell us how the most popular show in roleplaying started with a friendly one-shot at a birthday party and what they have in store for the brand new season.

Superheroes are everywhere today, but few can match up to Hellboy, the demonic investigator of the paranormal. As the hero for our times heads to the tabletop in a new co-op game, designer James M. Hewitt chats about his unique take on a legendary comic-book idol.

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How many games are in your collection? We’re willing to bet even the greatest shelf pales in comparison to the avid board game collectors in our latest issue, who reveal their hoards of thousands of games and discuss why amassing games can be just as rewarding as playing them. That’s not to mention our chat with the true Monopoly Man, who holds the world record for owning the most copies of the classic board game, from One Direction to McDonald's!

Our reviews section is as fully-stocked as ever with the latest and greatest verdicts on this month’s releases. Leading the way are our thoughts on the unmissable Star Wars: Legion and Rising Sun, followed closely by Stuffed Fables, GKR: Heavy Hitters, Palace of Mad King Ludwig, Civilisation, Meeple Circus, DreadBall: Second Edition, A Handful of Stars and many, many more. There’s no better place to find out what should be on your tabletop next.

That’s just the start of what you’ll find crammed into the latest issue – we’ve got loads more designer interviews, game previews, definitive reviews, hobby tips and more, ready for you to dive into.

Pre-order your copy of the latest issue today to make sure you don’t miss out, or find it on Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WHSmith and hobby store shelves from March 29th. Digital readers can download the issue the same day on iOS, Android and PC.

Of course, the best way to get the magazine is by subscribing to guarantee your copy every month and ensure you’re among the first to read the latest about the world of tabletop gaming!


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