Gloomhaven’s first expansion officially gets a name, release date and campaign details

03 April 2018
gh-forgotten-circles-24510.jpg Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles
Forgotten Circles adds 20 new scenarios as part of a storyline set after original game, plus an extra class, new monsters and more

After months of anticipation, hints and rumours about what the first expansion for goliath legacy game Gloomhaven could include, creator Isaac Childres has officially spilled the beans.

As we revealed earlier this year, Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles includes a brand new campaign that follows on from the main storyline of the acclaimed fantasy adventure, which has been co-designed by Childres and Marcel Cwertetschka.

Set after the events of the original game, the plot is made up of 20 scenarios focused on a new character class introduced with the expansion, the Aesther Diviner, as she races to stop an ‘approaching calamity’.

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Childres hinted that the scenarios take place across multiple pages of the new scenario book in the set, presenting more opportunities for surprises and twists as players play through each encounter.

Forgotten Circles also adds seven new monsters to battle, with three main bosses – players’ characters will have 14 extra items to help them vanquish the new baddies.

Despite Gloomhaven’s multiple successful campaigns on Kickstarter, Forgotten Circles will be skipping the crowdfunding platform to head straight into shops, where it’ll cost $30 (£21) in the US.

It’ll also be sold directly at gaming conventions and shows, including Essen Spiel in Germany, where the game will be released this October.


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