Gloomhaven creator already has plans for a 'big box' sequel, as if the original wasn’t big enough

11 April 2017
Gloomhaven-Box-Front-cropped-31551.png Gloomhaven
Isaac Childres says follow-up to ambitious legacy RPG will include ‘new campaign, characters, enemies and ways to interact with the world’

If there’s one thing you can say about Gloomhaven, Isaac Childres’ epic legacy RPG, it’s that everything about it is big. From the enormous box and thousands of components to the sprawling adventure narrative it sets out and the hundreds of hours needed to complete its many, many scenarios, it’s hard to accuse the package of lacking scale. Heck, even the money it makes on Kickstarter is big, with the second printing alone currently sitting at close to $2 million with almost three weeks left to run.

Despite all this, it seems that Gloomhaven just isn’t quite big enough for Childres, who has told Tabletop Gaming that he already has a full-blown ‘big box’ follow-up in the works that will feature a brand new story and elements of the world.

“I really just sort of play this by ear,” he told us when asked about his future plans for the Gloomhaven universe. “You know, the solo scenarios I released a while back, or this fan-driven campaign I am now running during the Kickstarter, both of those were just random ideas I had that grew into something really interesting.

“I'm sure more stuff like that will come in the future, but I am also working on a legitimate big-box sequel that contains a whole new campaign, new characters, new enemies and new ways to interact with the world. That's all I can say for now, though.”

Of course, as well as this newly-revealed sequel, Childres had previously announced his plans for a prequel, Founders of Gloomhaven, which makes use of a completely different roster of worker placement mechanics and is set hundreds of years before the original Gloomhaven.

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“I love creating Euro games,” he said regarding the drastically different gameplay styles in the two titles. “When I go to a game night, that is really what I gravitate toward."

It seems that Founders might not be the only Euro spin-off to the game, as the designer hinted at future standalone titles that expand the world.

“Designing Gloomhaven was sort of a diversion for me that is now dominating my life, but I still have a lot of ideas for Euro games that I want to develop. But now I've also built this audience of Gloomhaven fans who are interested in this world, and I want to give them more to experience as well, so, for the foreseeable future, any Euro games I develop will be set in this same universe to enhance it and build upon it.”


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