Give the X-Wing Miniatures Game a real targeting computer with this augmented reality app

07 November 2017
screenshot-action-05873.png DialVision
DialVision projects virtual movement and firing range templates over tabletop

For most of us, the X-Wing Miniatures Game is about as close as we’ll get to the experience of flying an X-Wing for real, with Fantasy Flight’s tabletop hit recreating the laser blasts, torpedo dodging and high-speed manoeuvres of a Star Wars space dogfight out of plastic and cardboard.

A new iPhone and iPad app brings the miniatures game one step closer to its on-screen counterpart by introducing what is essentially a real-life targeting computer overlay for players.

DialVision is an unofficial fan-made app developed by Melissa Ludowise, and uses augmented reality to project virtual movement and firing range templates over the physical game, which is viewed through the phone or tablet’s camera.

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The free-to-download app features a menu to let players select which ship they plan to use, before picking a manoeuvre, boost, barrel roll or slam.

The player lines up a white box over their model, which then shows where the ship will end up and what it will be able to hit once moved – getting rid of the need to guess or fiddle with rulers, and avoiding potential collisions.

While it may not have the millimetre accuracy required for tournament games, it’s still an interesting example of how technology is increasing blurring the line with physical experiences.


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