Get Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne and Pandemic free, digitally

30 January 2020
Epic games offer digital adaptations of tabletop classics, free, from 6th to 13th February

While we all prefer to play on cardboard for the most part, it’s usually a bit tricky to setup Ticket to Ride on a tiny train table, Pandemic in a waiting room, or Carcassonne in a car…


Which is why the digital editions of some of our favourites are useful in a pinch – or just any time you don’t fancy having to get the whole box out. And luckily for us, you can get your hands on these, totally free, between 6th to 13th February.


After the freebie period the games will go on sale for £9.99 – so you can potentially save £30 by snapping these games up while the offer is on.


Epic games is teaming up with Asmodee to bring these gateway titles to a larger, more digitally inclined audience. Hopefully, for the few people who haven’t given our analogue hobby a chance, this will be another way in.

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Of course, this isn’t the first time these games are available digitally, Ticket to Ride boasts 66 million games online for more than 6 million downloads already.


Set yourself a hot date with a these digital recreations of cardboard classics, and visit the games pages here, on the week of the 6th.






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