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02 October 2020
It's a D&D Showcase

Humble Bundle regularly do tabletop gaming friendly deals, and they can represent real bargains. We've seen in the past everything from 3D printed model designs, to helpful how-tos, and occasional digital books from the worlds of our favourite games. 

This week is no different, where you can pick up a whole host of classic R.A.Salvatore books for a much reduced cost. For those unfamiliar with Humble Bundle, it generally offers bundle deals at a discounted cost. The money raised in doing so is split, and in doing so raises money for varying charities. Contributing more means you'll gain a higher bundle with more things inside it, so in this case, more books. 

As for the bundles themselves, these are as follows:

By paying 77p or more, you can pick up Canticle, the first in The Cleric Quintet, the Neverwinter Companion Pack (PC), and The Legend of Drizzt Books:

#7: The Legacy

#8: Starless Night

#9: Siege of Darkness

#10: Passage to Dawn

#11: The Silent Blade

#12: The Spine of the World

#13: Sea of Swords


By paying £6.19 or more, you'll gain the above bundle, plus The Cleric Quintet #2 and #3 with In Sylvan Shadows, and Night Masks, and The Legend of Drizzt novels as follows:

#14 Servant of the Shard

#15 Promise of the Witch-King

#16 Road of the Patriarch

#17 The Thousand Orcs

#18 The Lone Drow

#19 The Two Swords

#20 The Orc King

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#21 The Pirate King

#22 The Ghost King


And finally, for £11.62 you'll get both of the above bundles, plus #4 and #5 of the Cleric Quintet with The Fallen Fortress and The Chaos Curse, plus even more Legend of Drizzt novels, including:

#23: Gauntligrym

#24 Neverwinter

#25 Charon's Claw

#26 The Last Threshold

#27 The Companions

#28 The Night of the Hunter

#29 Rise of the King

#30 Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf

#31 Archmage

#32 Maestro

#33 Hero.


The total value of them outside of the bundle is $255, which is around £197, so it's a real bargain at £11.62. The charity supported also will be Extra Life, which empowers the gaming community to make a difference in the lives of local sick and injured children. 

You can pick up your bundle over on Humble Bundle, but you've only got 12 days left to do so!


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