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18 August 2022
Pick up a Mcdonald's Happy Meal at participating stores and get a new way to play.

It's a mostly universal experience to gleefully tear into a Happy Meal as a child, partially for the food, but mostly for the toy that came inside. Whilst you may no longer pick up hot wheels and Ty toys, you can nowadays pick up a potentially even better boon - Pokemon Match Battle. 

Pokemon Cards have been included within McDonald's gifts before, however, those purchasing to mid September 2022 will receive everything needed to stage a match battle with friends, with coin flipping, spinning, and fun with numbers. The last Pokemon standing is marked as the winner. 

You can expect to find Pokemon Cards such as Pikachu, Rowlet, Gossifleur, with fifteen different cards available amid a pack of four provided in each meal. Of this, at least one will contain a single holographic variant, with the most highly sought-after being Pikachu. In addition to the cards, you'll receive a four card booster, an instruction sheet, a coin, a spinner, and a card box. 

Whilst there are few details on how the game mode will work in practice, it's a good step into the Pokemon world, and especially well timed considering the Pokemon World Championships taking place this weekend at the ExCel in London. 


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