Get Love Letter, Twilight Struggle and more on PC for under £1 in digital board game Humble Bundle

24 April 2019
love-letter-pc-11292.jpg Love Letter (PC)
Scythe: Digital Edition, Pandemic and Pathfinder Adventures also in deal

The latest collection of digital board games gathered together by charitable deals site Humble Bundle includes some big names from the tabletop.

The bundle includes a selection of Asmodee Digital’s PC ports new and old, ranging from Love Letter and Twilight Struggle to Scythe and the Pathfinder Adventures card game.

The cheapest pay-what-you-want tier starts at $1 (77p), which will unlock the kid-friendly Ticket to Ride: First Journey, Keith Baker’s macabre card game Gloom, snappy elimination crowdpleaser Love Letter and two-player Cold War masterpiece Twilight Struggle on Steam.

Up your price to above the current average of $8.67 (£6.67) and you’ll also get the (so-so) PC version of Pandemic, deckbuilder Ascension, the updated app for Carcassonne with its Inns & Cathedrals expansion and spooky deduction game Mysterium with both the Hidden Signs and Secrets & Lies expansions.

If you want to nab everything on offer, $12 (£9.23) will add in the digital edition of Scythe and the Obsidian Edition of RPG spin-off card game Pathfinder Adventures – by itself a deal, given that Scythe is currently £15 on Steam. Humble Bundle claims that the entire collection is worth around $118 (£91) normally.

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As with all of the site’s bundles, you can choose how much of your money goes towards charity, with the Make-a-Wish Foundation Humble’s current organisation of choice.

All of the games include keys for Steam on PC, with most also supported by Mac. (Carcassonne, Mysterium and Scythe are the three exceptions.)

The deal runs for another two weeks.


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