Gen Con is staying exactly where it is for (at least) the next five years

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07 December 2016
13908829_10153970633903155_7105204125679035062_o-60047.jpg 2016's Gen Con attracted more visitors than ever before
Massive US games convention had been considering a move outside of Indianapolis after 13 years in the city

If you’re wanting to save a few quid on your plane tickets to Gen Con next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that, and the year after that (phew) by booking them early, good news: the huge US gaming convention isn’t going anywhere.

The show has been held in the American city of Indianapolis for the last 13 years, but had been considering a move after 2020 – partly fuelled by state governor Mike Pence’s (now vice president-elect as Donald Trump’s right-hand man) support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was widely considered to be anti-LGBT and discriminatory.

Now, after two years of discussions and considering whether to relocate to another American hub, Gen Con’s organisers have agreed to remain in the city until at least 2021, with future years subject to annual renewals of the contract.

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Gen Con 2017 marks the show’s 50th anniversary and will be held from August 17th to 20th in the Indiana Convention Center. This year’s event attracted over 200,000 visitors – the convention’s biggest audience yet.

“Indianapolis has warmly welcomed Gen Con with its Hoosier hospitality for more than a decade, and we appreciate the city’s commitment to making all of our guests feel at home,” said Gen Con CEO and owner Adrian Swartout. For all you fellow Brits out there, a 'Hoosier' is a state resident of Indiana.

“With Gen Con approaching its 50th convention in 2017, we look forward to celebrating many more historic years in Indy, as well as serving as a hub for a thriving community of Hoosier gamers.”



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