Games Workshop resurrects discontinued miniatures with Made to Order scheme

17 October 2016
MadeToOrderAstraMilitarum-90684.jpg Made to Order kicked off with Warhammer 40K minis
Limited run productions may only be available for as little as 48 hours

Games Workshop is bringing some fan-favourite figures back from the dead with a new programme called Made to Order.

According to the Warhammer firm, discontinued models revived through the initiative will be available for a minimum of 48 hours only, with popular figures potentially going on sale for longer.

The limited run productions are – as the name suggests – only created after the orders are in, meaning they’ll take a bit longer to make it to your door, with the dispatch alone meaning a wait of up to a month.

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Made to Order has kicked off with a selection of Warhammer 40,000 Valhallan, Mordian, Tallarn and Astra Militarum metal models, ranging from gun crews to standalone characters.

At the moment, all of the products with the exception of Cadian Kasrkin Special Weapons are sold out, so move fast if you’re interested.

Prices range in the £8 to £11 zone – what scale and price future models may go up to is unclear.


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