Gamer uses beautiful hand-made board game to pop the question

20 June 2017
marriage_proposal_board_game_tabletop_card_game_analog_games_adventure_geeky_04-1-02580.jpg The Spider King's lair is lifted (Nicole Oh photography)
Custom-illustrated board and cards represented couple’s journey together, concluding with the reveal of the engagement ring

A marriage proposal is an unforgettable moment for committed couples that will be cherished for the rest of their lives, so it’s little surprise that passionate partners go all-out to pop the question in ways that continue to astonish.

In the case of one couple, it was their shared love of tabletop gaming that inspired a beautiful proposal.

Illustrator Megan Bird writes on Analog Games that her friend asked for her help to create a custom board game that would lead into the ultimate question.

The hand-drawn board represented the couple’s time together, retracing their relationship through both good and bad times.

The action and distraction cards also made references to the couple’s personal quirks, with the game pieces and characters representing meaningful objects and the partners as fantasy adventurers, complete with a spirit animal.

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At the end of the trail in the centre of the board, a 3D mountain represented the Spider King’s mountain lair – when lifted off, the engagement ring was revealed and the question popped.

Happily, the answer was yes – and Bird is now working on the stationary for the couple’s upcoming wedding.

Read the whole story and see more pictures of the finished game over on Analog Games. And if it inspires you to make your own game, let us know!


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