Gamelyn sets out on a Tiny Epic Quest on Kickstarter

31 October 2016
3e28d5254399e017eaa1e2244d0c0238_original-33459.jpeg The Itemeeples can be equipped with the heroes' various weapons and treasures
Title claims to include ‘world’s first’ multi-item-holding meeples

Gamelyn Games has taken to crowdfunding site Kickstarter to launch its next entry in the Tiny Epic series, Tiny Epic Quest.

The competitive game for up to four players sees each player’s band of three heroes set out to explore a map made up of 34 locations, each featuring a unique spell, enemy or temple each match.

Players move during the first of two phases – the day – by using one of five forms of transport: by foot, horse, raft, ship or gryphon.

They then attempt to complete puzzles on one of three current shared quest cards, often involving certain arrangements or placements of the meeples.

During the second phase, night, players roll adventure dice to try and complete tasks such as exploring dungeons or battling goblins.

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After five rounds, the game ends and scores are added up based on the number of spells gained, goblins defeated and quests completed.

Tying in with the pursuit of better equipment, the meeples included feature two holes that can be used to slot in shields, swords, bows, staffs and other items. Gamelyn claims that the figures are the world’s first multi-item-holding meeples. Whatever they are, they’re certainly cute.

Tiny Epic Quest has already rained more than $300,000 against its modest target of $15,000, with almost an entire month left to run before the campaign closes on November 27th.

A $20 pledge gets you the game, with a print and play version available for $8 – but you’ll have to make your own meeples.


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