Gamegenic Announces Partnership with Days of Wonder

01 July 2021
Ticket to Sleeve?

Asmodee group companies Gamegenic and Days of Wonder announce a partnership, with a confirmation of forthcoming Ticket to Ride sleeves. 

In an announcement today, the game accessories company Gamegenic (known for all number of gaming accessories, from sleeves to dice rollers), confirmed their partnership with fellow Asmodee company Days of Wonder (known of course, for Ticket to Ride in all of its versions). The release confirms that coming in Fall of 2021, there will be two all in one packs to be released, optimised for size and quantity, and designed specifically to match the theme of the game. These will be for both Ticket to Ride, and for Ticket to Ride: Europe. Though not confirmed, it reasonable to assume this may lead onto additional expansion sleeves in the future. 

“We at Gamegenic have been passionate Ticket to Ride® fans for many, many years, and we feel honoured to be able to contribute to this fantastic game with our Premium Art Sleeves,” said Adrian Alonso, Head of Gamegenic.

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“Gamegenic and Days of Wonder have created these beautiful Art Sleeve Sets, and we are delighted that Ticket to Ride fans will now be able to protect their cards from any damage,” said Adrien Martinot, Head of Days of Wonder. “The quality and strength of the Gamegenic Sleeves will ensure endless hours of fun for players around the world with their favourite game.”

The release is planned for Fall of 2021.


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