21 August 2022
When the day stops, the gaming doesn’t have to.

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We’ve all been there – you’re wandering a convention, arms laden with board game purchases, wallet considerably lighter, and the next perfect stop in your journey would be picking up a refreshing drink and opening up that board game for the first time. We love this opportunity as much as the next gamer, and so we’re excited to talk about our Open Gaming area at Tabletop Gaming Live.


Firstly, when? Well, Open Gaming will be available throughout the event, with the opportunity to game through to Midnight on Saturday 17th September 2022. Taking place within the bar area and mezzanine, there’s no shortage of chances to grab a drink and while away the evening with the very best of board games, in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.


Then, how? If you want to give games a go, or have been itching to play a specific game with your fellow gamers, you can always borrow from the Games Library. Sponsored and hosted by Dungeons & Flagons, a tabletop gaming events company based in Manchester, for a £5 deposit you can find your next gaming favourite. Dungeons & Flagons has up to 300 games, and you can find a list of ones you may see at Tabletop Gaming Live from a list here.


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So with an epic day of seeing your favourite designers, and discovering new games, you’re perfectly prepared to settle back and enjoy the very games that brought us together.


If you’ve not picked up your tickets for Tabletop Gaming Live yet, now’s the time! This epic gaming convention will be taking place on the 17th & 18th of September 2022 and will host a huge range of exhibitors, gamers, workshops, and opportunities to play. Taking place at the historic Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, we can’t wait to see you there.


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We can't wait for Tabletop Gaming Live 2022! An epic weekend in Manchester full of board games, card games, roleplaying games, wargames and more, with amazing exhibitors, great games, and an opportunity to game together in person.

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