Game Therapy Win the Inaugural Dragonmeet Award

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09 September 2023
The inaugural Dragonmeet Awards, hosted by Ian Livingston, for innovation in games, has been awarded, with winners Game Therapy taking home the prize.

Dragonmeet is the yearly UK convention for RPGs, taking place in London around the first weekend in December. It’s jam packed with tons of gaming opportunities, chances to find and buy new games, and the opportunity to learn about what’s upcoming on the horizon. This year, it hosted its first awards too, with the Ian Livingston Award for Innovation in Games kicking off proceedings, and allowing members to proudly display their awards on their stands for the duration of the event. 

Ian Livingston Award

Sir Ian Livingston CBE has been a constant great in our industry, responsible for an astonishing number of gamers' entryway into the hobby. From co-founding Games Workshop, which began as a European distributor for Dungeons & Dragons, but of course went on to release Warhammer, to White Dwarf, the dedicated magazine, and Fighting Fantasy, the choose-your-own-adventure books, he’s had a phenomenal career in gaming and was awarded a Knighthood in 2022 – though, admittedly, for services to video gaming. 


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Dragonmeet Award Shortlist

The award winners were chosen from over 70 entries by Ian Livingstone. The shortlisted parties were: 

All Rolled Up

An innovative accessory for roleplaying games that allows you to take your necessary RPG equipment with you

Hatchling Games

Creators of Inspiriles and Overisles, family friendly RPGs which teach basic sign language as you play

R.P. Haven

The largest TTRPG club in the UK – it allows you to find and join local groups, and injects its profits into its locally nominated charities. 


Dragonmeet Award Winner

The winner of the Ian Livingstone Award for Innovation in Games, was Game Therapy. 

Livingstone explained the reasonings for his decisions, which are founded in his passion for gaming having a real world impact, teaching skills that young generations need, and supported by his own academy, officially opening last year. 

Game Therapy is championing the role of games within therapy, which is underutilized in the UK. It offers support to a wide range of groups, including those experiencing homelessness, recovering from addictions, experiencing neurodivergence and trauma, amongst others. 



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