Game over, man: Sons of Anarchy, Star Trek: Ascendancy and Firefly: The Game studio working on a co-op Aliens game

22 February 2018
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Bug hunt begins this September

Gale Force Nine has made a bit of a name for itself creating solid spin-offs of various TV shows and movies, and its next screen-to-board adaptation could be something very special indeed.

Following in the wake of Sons of Anarchy: Men of Mayhem, Star Trek: Ascendancy and Firefly: The Game is an upcoming board game based on James Cameron’s sci-fi action masterpiece Aliens. (Thanks for the heads-up, BoardGameGeek!)

There’s currently scant details about what the co-operative game, simply titled Aliens, will involve, beyond the typical showdown between the human colonial marines and acid-bleeding xenomorphs – both of which will be represented by miniatures.

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The announcement has some folks hoping that the game will be a revamp of Leading Edge’s well-liked 1989 co-op game that recreated three of the 1986 film’s biggest battles – including Ripley’s powerloader showdown with the Queen – but there’s no suggestion that it’s anything other than a brand new take on the story that just happens to share the name and (very) general premise.

Despite coming with a crew of models, the box has been announced with the rather reasonable price tag of $50 (£36) in the US, where it’ll land this September.


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