Fury of Dracula’s fourth edition gets bigger cards and pre-painted miniatures this summer

17 April 2018
fury-of-dracula-84727.jpg Fury of Dracula: Fourth Edition
Sink your fangs into it this July

The upcoming fourth edition of Fury of Dracula has cracked open its coffin to reveal a slew of new details about the resurrected hidden movement classic.

As originally announced last October, Star Trek: Attack Wing studio WizKids is behind the return of the Games Workshop favourite, taking the reins following the break-up between the Warhammer outlet and former Fury of Dracula publisher Fantasy Flight.

The first major revision to Fury of Dracula since Fantasy Flight’s third edition in 2015, WizKids’ fourth edition will add pre-painted miniatures of the fleeing Count Dracula and his pursuing hunters (via ICv2).

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The set also packs in bigger, poker-sized cards, and features a refreshed rulebook – although it's not yet clear if any of the rules themselves have been changed.

Perhaps the best news is that the whole set will cost just $60 (£42), a welcome change from the costly price of tracking down past editions of the often hard-to-find game.

The new Fury of Dracula will be released this July – just make sure you keep it out of the sun.


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