Frosthaven Kickstarter is Live

30 March 2020
The Gloomhaven sequel is finally here on Kickstarter

The Frosthaven Kickstarter is live, and you can go and back it right here.

Once you've done that, which we assume you have, you might want to come back and read a little bit about the upcoming game.

We interviewed Isaac Childres for issue 40, and you can hear a snippet of that on our podcast trailer for that issue. Although, you'll know this already if you're a digital issue subscriber, as these snippets are directly available in the magazine on whatever device you read the issue on.

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For the uninitiated, Frosthaven is the much anticipated sequel to Gloomhaven. Sometimes called an RPG in a box, it uses legacy elements to tell a grand story across hundred of hours of play time.

It's also famous for taking over gamer's dining room tables. Read our Gloomhaven review, here.

At the time of writing (16:20 GMT) the project has been funded to the tune of $740,000.



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