From ZineQuest to the World: Apothecaria Now Available on Itchio

20 June 2021
Regretting not backing? Now's your chance

Regular contributor to the magazine Anna Blackwell doesn't just review games, but designs them too. From Delve, the dungeon drawing game (which you can see our review of here), now to Apothecaria, the Ghibli inspired fantasy setting, she shows no sign of slowing down. If you missed the opportunity to pick up Apothecaria when it first appeared, as part of Kickstarter's ZineQuest (where it gained over a thousand backers), the great news is that this is now available on itchio, as well as through the website directly. 

Apothecaria is described as a solo journaling game set in a Ghibli inspired cosy fantasy setting where you have been called in to replace the village of High Rannoc's witch who has disappeared. As the new village witch, you'll be tasked with curing the villagers, adventurers, and monsters that come to you of their various ailments. Drawing inspiration from Stardew Valley and Theme Hospital, Apothecaria is designed to be a chill and relaxing game with enough humour and story opportunities to guide you from novice to expert and beyond.


Find your copy on itchio, or at Blackwell's own site, with print copies being available from July 1st 2021. 


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Don't forget, if you're interested in heading more from Anna, or about Delve specifically, you can always tune into Tabletop Gaming Magazine's Podcast, where she was a guest for episode ten. 


Listen online here, or at your usual podcast sites and apps, or find it below. 



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