Free RPG Day is this Saturday – here are all the UK shops taking part and the goodies up for grabs

14 June 2017
450a22b7-2aeb-4c4e-894a-ea92a62603fd-23797.jpg Starfinder: First Contact
Starfinder alien manual, dice, cards and miniatures among freebies on offer

Free RPG Day is celebrating its 10th year this weekend, with dozens of shops around the UK and the rest of the globe getting ready to offer free roleplaying rules, modules and accessories to players looking to get into the hobby.

The first Free RPG Day took place in 2007, following the format established by Free Comic Book Day, which aimed to attract more followers to the world of comics.

Shops worldwide will be giving away plenty of free promotional goodies from RPG publishers – the rules of the event state that at least one item must be freely available just for asking, while others might be rewarded for participating in other ways depending on the shop.

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This year, Paizo will be offering Starfinder: First Contact, a 16-page alien bestiary for the upcoming sci-fi sequel to fantasy RPG Pathfinder, while Chaosium will have a quickstart guide for RuneQuest and Modiphius has a similar introductory booklet for the Conan RPG. Other free giveaways include a quickstart guide and adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Monte Cook’s Numenera: The Spire of the Hunting Sound and a Pelgrane Press quickstart for 13th Age and TimeWatch, among others.

There’s accessories up for grabs, too: Q Workshop and Chessex will be giving away custom dice, Paizo has a pack of cards for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Wyrd is offering a set of Through the Breach miniatures, Blue Panther has a Knockdown dice cup and audio app Syrinscape is handing out its Steam Train to Salem Cthulhu Mythos soundset, not to mention isometric gaming paper, status tokens and T-shirts from other roleplaying firms.

Free RPG Day takes place this Saturday, June 17th. Here’s the full list of UK and Irish stores taking part:

  • Athena Games, Norwich
  • Bag of Holding, Bournemouth
  • Big Orbit, Shrewsbury
  • Blackwell, Cambridge
  • Bus Stop Toy Shop, Largs,
  • CGC Emporium, Chichester
  • Chaos Cards, Folkestone
  • Dice & Donuts, Preston
  • Dice Saloon, Brighton
  • Escape Games, Coventry
  • Fan Boy Three - Hilton Street, Manchester
  • Fan Boy Three - Newton Street, Manchester
  • Finders Keepers Game, Market Weighton
  • FTK Gaming Network, Folkestone
  • Galactic Models, Sadler Gate
  • Galleon Games, Bexhill on Sea
  • Games Room, Norwich
  • Geeks Headquarters, Chesterfield
  • Goblin Gaming, Winsford
  • Godian Knot Games, Gravesend
  • Harlequins Blackpool, Blackpool
  • KDM Collectables, Llandrindod Wells
  • Knightly Gaming, Lanark
  • Langley Toys, Norwich
  • Leisure Games, Finchley
  • Lost Ark Games, Stevenage
  • Marquee Models, Harlow
  • Niche Comics, Huntingdon
  • Patriot Games, Sheffield
  • Proud Lion, Cheltenham
  • Rules of Play, Cardiff
  • Shadow Games, Rugby
  • Sub City Comics, Dublin
  • Tabletop Game Shop, Burnley
  • Tabletop Game Shop, Chester
  • Tabletop Game Shop, Colne
  • The Dice Cup, Nottingham
  • The Gamers Emporium, Swansea
  • The Games Shop, Aldershot
  • Too Fat Goblinz, Stafford
  • Travelling Man, Leeds
  • Travelling Man, Manchester
  • Travelling Man, Newcastle
  • Travelling Man, York
  • Wargames Workshop, Milton Keynes
  • West End Games, Glasgow

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