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30 June 2022
Having already taken place in North America, we're up next

Free RPG day is back, and this time it's taking place on 23rd July 2022 worldwide. Though having already begun in North America, due to logistical challenges, we UK based players have a few weeks still to look forward to it. 

What is Free RPG day?

Free RPG Day is to an extent, explained in the title. It's an opportunity to pop to your closest FLGS and enjoy and explore RPGs for free, whether that's existing RPGs at events put on by the store, or using new and exciting adventures created specifically for it. The retailers receive access to new and exclusive RPG adventures, previews, and accessories, with a view to making it a great day of fun for all attendees. 

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Who is taking part in Free RPG Day?

A huge number of recognisable names are taking part, from Paizo and Wizkids, to Steamforged Games and Modiphius, to Loke Battlemats and Darrington Press - yes, the publishing arm of Critical Role. Each of these are offering something a little different, so for example, Loke Battlemats are offering a ready to roll 5E adventure including battle maps and cut out tokens. Darrington Press are offering a new one page RPG of magical familiars on a mission, created by Marisha Ray (Critical Role) and Grant Howitt (The Spire RPG). Dave Taylor Miniatures are offering a booklet on how to paint Mantic games terrain and undead miniatures using Speed Paints. 

In short, if you're looking to try something new, this is the perfect time to do so. 

What can I get? 

Other than the excitement of sitting down to play an RPG? Maybe learn one for the first time?

Well, there may well be the odd freebies or competitions from your local store. This varies by location though, so check in if this is a motivating factor for you. 

Is it suitable for new players?

Absolutely. Check in with your FLGS as to what they're looking to run that day, but the event is for all kinds of RPGers, from the novice to the expert. You may learn a whole new system from R Talsorian Games Cyberpunk Red quickstart, or dive headfirst into Paizo's Starfinder. Whether you've never played an RPG before, or just never played THIS RPG before, there'll be something to enjoy - plus, an opportunity to try out something new with the advice of your FLGS. 

Where is it?

Locations vary, so we'd recommend checking the website for your closest participating retailer. You can find that here

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