Founders of Gloomhaven is the upcoming prequel to Isaac Childres’ legacy Eurogame

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23 November 2016
pic3268237-24588.jpg Founders of Gloomhaven takes place hundreds of years before the original game
Kickstarter planned for February following $386,000 raised for original game

Isaac Childres is yet to release his ambitious legacy Eurogame Gloomhaven to the world, but that hasn’t stopped him announcing a prequel title set in the universe.

Founders of Gloomhaven is described as a competitive tile and worker placement title where players race to build the eponymous city hundreds of years before the original co-op adventure game takes place.

Players construct resource buildings on the map board, developing the assets and delivering them to building sites to increase their influence. Resources are limited by each player’s faction, meaning uneasy alliances must be formed to progress.

There’s also an auction mechanic that determines which building proposals are placed on the board each round, but bidding using more workers reduces the amount that can be achieved during that turn.

The artwork for the game has also been revealed, illustrated by Gloomhaven artist Alexandr Elichev.

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Childres said that he was currently planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for Founders of Gloomhaven in February, which may move as Gloomhaven is released. Gloomhaven raised over $386,000 from almost 5,000 backers in late 2015.

“Perhaps February is a tad ambitious, but I would also like to get the game released by Gen Con,” Childres added.

“It's a smaller Euro game, and I really want to have a fast turn-around time to make up for this current 1.5-year nightmare trying to create and manufacture a 20-pound monster of a game.”

He also confirmed that he had been working on future additional content for Gloomhaven, which remains unannounced.


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