Forgotten Realms creator and Critical Role GM team up for Open Legend RPG Kickstarter

21 October 2016
31b3988a335c2b9af04ec38183f66e3b_original-86218.png Open Legend has been available in a digital form for several years
Ed Greenwood and Matthew Mercer to write Amaurea's Dawn setting

Two of the best-known names (and, in the case of one, voice) in roleplaying games are to collaborate on a setting for Open Legend, as the open-source RPG takes to crowdfunding.

Open Legend has been around for quite a few years now in various digital incarnations, but has finally headed to Kickstarter to get a physical version of its rulebook printed.

To support the campaign – which has already tripled its $10,000 target – publisher Seventh Sphere has recruited Ed Greenwood, the best-selling author and designer behind the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for D&D, and Matthew Mercer, the video game voice actor who serves as GM for the popular RPG web series Critical Role, to write a setting for Open Legend to demonstrate the open-source ruleset’s flexibility.

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Amaurea's Dawn centres on a magical portal reopened after years by the mysterious Council of Three in an attempt to save their planet. The setting features a variety of races and locations, including elves, shamans, the evil caster Naruthagol, dragons and a host of other fantasy creatures and characters.

Greenwood and Mercer are being helped by a long list of writers and illustrators, with experience spanning tabletop RPGs, Pathfinder, 7th Sea, Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight, video games and more.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until November 20th. $20 will buy you a digital version of the Open Legend core rules OR the Amaurea's Dawn setting PDF – with $35 bundling both together. $80 is the price tag for hardcover physical editions of both books, which are available separately for $55.


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