Footsore to release Picts and Scots miniatures this summer

05 January 2017
picts_group_shot_1024x1024-55873.JPG Some of the Picts
Celtic tribe figures available early at Historicon later this month

Miniatures maker Footsore has revealed its next major release, the Scottish Picts and Scots.

The Picts were Celtic forerunners of the Scots who inhabited the eastern and northern regions of the country during the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Middle Ages.

Footsore plans to release the full range of Picts and Scots this summer – specifically towards the end of June and the start of August – but has announced that it will offer some of the miniatures early at the US Historicon show later this month.

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Head over to Footsore's announcement post for a closer look at some of the painted figures.


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