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12 June 2020
Free, with donations suggested to NAACP

Foodies, the game that throws you into the food court and demands you create the best combination of dishes in order to rule, is now being offered as a free Print and Play by CMON.


CMON confirms that in ongoing support of equality, it has made a charitable donation to NAACP, and whilst the game can be downloaded completely for free, it asks you to consider making your own donation of any amount that you can afford.


The game itself is all about your strategy. You’re a manager in a good court, where you’ll need to add new dishes to the menu and connect the starts between your dishes. Each has different bonuses when added, and you can even hire more chefs to help you. You win simply by being the most popular, achieved by having the best dishes. You can see the trailer for the game below.


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For the standard game, it’s for 2-5 players, ages 14+ and takes around 20 minutes to play. It’s fast-paced and fun to play, and the print and play aspect doesn’t look as if it’ll take away any of that from it.



You can download this game over at CMON, which contains links to donate to NAACP.




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