Fog of Love’s upcoming sequel is about surviving your Midlife Crisis

21 January 2019
fog-of-love-midlife-47449.jpg Fog of Love: Midlife Crisis
When Two Becomes Four

Like all good romantic comedies, relationship roleplaying board game Fog of Love is getting a sequel.

Fog of Love: Midlife Crisis has been designed by the first game’s creator Jacob Jaskov and looks to be a relatively direct follow-on thematically from the original game, with players once again taking on the role of a couple as they seemingly move from the up-and-down beginnings of their life together to the notoriously distressing stage of aging.

Details on the gameplay itself are yet to be revealed in detail, but the upcoming game’s tagline points towards the two-player focus of Fog of Love expanding to a four-player experience in Midlife Crisis – but with only a single couple and crisis to deal with between them. It’s also unclear whether the game will be a standalone experience or a big expansion for Fog of Love.

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There’s similarly no release date to speak of, with the Fog of Love Twitter account revealing placeholder cover artwork and saying that Midlife Crisis’ first prototype would be debuted at the Danish gaming event Fastaval in mid-April. That means it might be some time before we see the final version of the game, and the gameplay is still yet to be fully pinned down.

Even with just a sliver of information so far, it’s a reason to be excited. When we checked out Fog of Love for our review last year, we found it to be as emotionally resonant as it is original, combining collaborative storytelling, roleplaying, light board game mechanics and its movie-like structure in a wholly satisfying and memorable couple of hours.

Fog of Love was updated this month with new LGBTQ-inclusive artwork and content, with Mansions of Madness, Eldritch Horror and Legacy of Dragonholt designer Nikki Valens – who also helped refine the core game’s content – creating a new expansion for the game focused on “telling stories about queer relationships”.

If you missed the January issue of Tabletop Gaming magazine, it included a free set of promo cards for Fog of Love that added 12 new occupations for players to use in the creation of their loved-up characters – the biggest promo set released for the game yet. You can still pick up that issue, including the Fog of Love promo cards, through our online store, with free P&P to the UK.


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