Flesh & Blood World Championships Announced

19 August 2022
$300,000 up for grabs in cash prizes

Legend Story Studios, creators of Flesh & Blood, have announced their first World Championship competition, to be held in San Jose California. 

The trading card game has increased dramatically in popularity recently, with four years of competition history now leading to a World Championship, featuring all three of the play formats in a single event - Classic Constructed, Booster Draft, and Blitz. 

To qualify for the World Championship, players will do so via their ranking on global leaderboards, in which instore play programs provide the primary way for players to earn XP and work up the leaderboard. 

While invitation only, there will be open entry tournaments and events that are set to include Classic Constructed Calling, a Blitz Battle Hardened, as well as a cosplay contest, industry artists, special guests and side events. 

Prizes are as follows: 

Champion $100,000 USD, Champions prize card + Gold Legendary of their hero's Class/Talent + PTI
Finalist $25,000 USD + Gold Legendary of their hero's Class/Talent + PTI
3rd & 4th $16,500 USD + Gold Legendary of their hero's Class/Talent + PTI
5th - 8th $7,500 USD + Gold Legendary of their hero's Class/Talent + PTI
9th - 16th $4,000 USD + PTI
17th-32nd $2,000 USD + PTI
33rd - 64th $1,500 USD
Total $300,000 USD


The event will be held from 4th-6th November at the San Jose Convention Centre South Hall, with registration opening Thursday night. The first day will feature a world championship player meeting with draft and constructed rounds. Saturday will see a worlds check in, further draft and blitz, and calling, before the final day seeing the closing of both Calling and Worlds.  You can read full details, and pick up your own tickets, by clicking here. 

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What does it take to be a World Champion? We spoke to Matt Roger about his title of champion of the New Zealand national event in a feature that you can read here. 

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