Five classic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are being republished this August, plus a brand new entry

11 April 2017
i-tried-to-beat-the-warlock-of-firetop-mountain-as-an-adult-and-sucked-at-it-body-image-1448475341-32794.jpg Warlock of Firetop Mountain
Co-creator Ian Livingstone writing The Port of Peril to mark 35th anniversary

Fighting Fantasy, the series of seminal choose-your-own-adventure books written by Games Workshop founders Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, turns 35 this year – and to celebrate five classic titles and a brand new instalment will be hitting bookshelves.

Livingstone had previously announced in March that he was working on a fresh entry in the series to mark the anniversary, which has now been revealed as The Port of Peril.

The original story will seemingly take readers around the world of Allansia on a hunt for treasure, which predictably takes a turn for the darker with the teased return of a ‘terrifying old foe’.

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Children’s book firm Scholastic will also be republishing five of the original Fighting Fantasy stories, including the iconic The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, in August, alongside the release of The Port of Peril.

There will be further releases next spring, but it’s unclear at the moment whether these will be revived past titles or further fresh additions.

As well as the books, Fighting Fantasy is making its way onto mobile and PC with spin-off video game Fighting Fantasy Legends, developed by Talisman studio Nomad.

The digital adaptation is based on three stories – City of Thieves and Citadel of Chaos, plus Firetop Mountain – and is built around deckbuilding and dice-rolling mechanics. It too will be out in August.


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