First trailer for Charterstone details ambitious legacy game from Scythe creator

03 August 2017
charterstone-74628.jpg Charterstone
Players construct buildings and unlock crates to create a ‘one of a kind’ worker placement map

Been chomping at the bit to learn more about Charterstone, this year’s hugely anticipated legacy game from the creator of last year’s most excellent Scythe? Best check out the first teaser trailer for the game, then!

Charterstone is designed as an evolving worker placement title, with players constructing buildings in their personal ‘charter’ over the course of the 12-game core campaign, which should take around 25 hours to complete, according to early reports from playtesters.

As in games like Risk Legacy, SeaFall and Pandemic Legacy, the box comes packed with stickers to add both to the boards and to the ‘slim’ rulebook, expanding and changing the game’s rules over time.

Each new building allows that player to place one of their workers there to perform a specific action, gradually growing the range of options available.

As well as buildings, players can use the titular charterstone to unlock crates, which contain the new content for the game. There are 75 sealed crates and more than 350 cards and wooden tokens in the box, so there’s plenty to discover.

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Over the campaign, players will have to make decisions that impact their own charters but also shape the shared village board.

Once the campaign is finished, the village becomes a ‘one of a kind’ worker placement game – although there will be the chance to start the campaign from the beginning again if you pick up one of recently announced ‘recharge packs’ for the game.

As you’d expect from a legacy game, specific details on what players will be doing – and how that will change over the course of multiple hours and games – remain largely secretive.

We’ll find out for ourselves whether Jamey Stegmaier has crafted another modern masterpiece this October – although Charterstone won’t be launching at Essen in Germany, suggesting a late-month launch for the game.

Check out the first trailer below:


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