First Mythos pack detailed for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

07 October 2016
ahc03_box_250w-21858.png 26 new player cards are included in the pack
The Miskatonic Museum continues campaign started in Dunwich Legacy expansion

It feels like it was only days ago that Fantasy Flight was announcing the first expansion, The Dunwich Legacy, for the unreleased Arkham Horror card game spin-off. Oh wait, it was.

Anyway, hot on the trail of the upcoming expansion for the upcoming game, FFG has unveiled the upcoming first Mythos pack for The Dunwich Legacy: The Miskatonic Museum.

Set in the eponymous building mentioned in many of H.P. Lovecraft’s short stories, The Miskatonic Museum will continue the storyline started in The Dunwich Legacy as players seek out the iconic book of evil, the Necronomicon.

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The set can also be played as a standalone scenario, including 26 players cards between level zero and two, plus artifacts for players to spend experience points on.

One rule change introduced with the fresh deck is the addition of ‘permanent’ cards, which do not count towards deck size, start the game in play and are not shuffled into the investigator deck, and cannot be discarded at any point.

There’s also what FFG calls “the most purely detrimental game effect ever printed on a player card” in the form of Delve Too Deep, which causes all players to draw from the encounter deck but grants an extra experience point.

The Miskatonic Museum Mythos pack will be released in Q1 2017, following the launch of the core set and Dunwich Legacy expansion later this year.


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