First D&D: Tyrants of the Underdark expansion to bring forth Aberrations & Undead

07 November 2016
Thumbnail-73820.jpg D&D staples and undead beings will each be represented in the 40-card decks
Set includes two 40-card half decks

The first add-on for Dungeons & Dragons deckbuilding and area control spin-off mashup Tyrants of the Underdark will be released next month.

Aberrations & Undead will include two new half decks based on the creatures of the titular world, featuring both standard monsters such as mind flayers and beholders alongside new undead beings such as vampires, zombies, lich and skeletons.

Each deck will include 40 cards to boost the acquisition of new cards using influence and battle for domination of the game’s playing board by spending power.

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It’s due out in December, priced at $11.99 – and you’ll need a copy of the base game to play, obviously.


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